About CollectGBStamps

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The aim of this website is to be an on-line resource for collecting GB stamps.

Things still to do (Autumn 2018):

Data Entry

I now have better reporting tools (through the search mechanism) to identify holes in the database, so I will make a big effort to fill in missing data and images. At the moment there are over 9,200 images on site totalling nearly 4Gb of data. This has recently been reduced as all the .jpg images have been optimised.


Improved the search feature with better search results and more criteria. The thumbnails make items in the search results far easier to identify.

As the Stamps, Issues and Themes tabs result mainly in lists of items and issues, these will utilise the search engine to generate these lists.

Long Term Aims

There are several long term ains for the site including adding booklets, prestigae book panes, more downloadable content, stock lists etc.

Site Changes

2 December 2019 - Increased size of thumbnails for bulletins and previews .

29 December 2018 - Started to add Publicity photographs, added First leaflets as entry under plublications. Added more Royal mail publications.

14 October 2018 - Started to add PDF downloads of articles and leaflets.

20 August 2018 - Moved to upgraded server.

29 January 2018 - Major changes as transition site from Blueprint framework to Bootstrap 4.0.

20 January 2018 - Added new Postmarks section to the Explore menu together with new postmarks for 2017 issues.

6 January 2018 - Added around 40 poster scans from Mike Moody. Added new Posters section and updated images from latest issues.

31 March 2015 - Finally added something else to this list! Improved the search to better find stamps and issues..

18 May 2013 - Added details of some of this summers issues plus scans of some year packs just aquired.

5 May 2013 - Filled in some of the missing images for stamps, year packs and first day covers.

2 April 2013 - Another LONG time between updates to this page. While new issues get updated, the mechanism of the site has been siiting unchanged for some time now. Conversion to ASP.net for the front end is the priority for the next few months. The addition of the link to the site from the Royal Mail website has driven a lot more traffic here, so I think it deserves more attention now.