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2009 (August 18 2009)

Designed by Elmwood
Size 27mm (h) x 37mm (v)
Printed by Cartor Security Print
Print Process Lithography
Perforations 14 x 14

Post Boxes , Vol.46 No.8 (Issue Details)
Treasures of the BPMA , Vol.46 No.10 (Issue Details)
Post Boxes , Vol.46 No.12


Post Boxes 1st Stamp (2009) George V Type B Wall Box

George V Type B Wall Box

Post Boxes 81p Stamp (2009) Victorian Lamp Box

Victorian Lamp Box

Post Boxes 56p Stamp (2009) Edward VII Ludlow Box

Edward VII Ludlow Box

Post Boxes 90p Stamp (2009) Elizabeth II Type A Wall Box

Elizabeth II Type A Wall Box


Presentation Pack

Miniature Sheet Pack
Pack 430
Post Boxes (2009)

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First Day Cover

Miniature Sheet FDC
Post Boxes (2009)

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Prestige Pane FDC
Post Boxes (2009)

Miniature Sheet

Post Boxes (2009)

Prestige Stamp Book

RM Code YB038
MBPC - DB5 DB5(46)
Post Boxes (2009)

Generic Sheet

Pack LS65
Post Boxes (2009)

Publicity - First

Post Boxes (2009)

PHQ Cards

Pack PHQ326
RM Code AQ138

PHQ326 (a) PHQ326 (b) PHQ326 (c) PHQ326 (d) PHQ326 (e)